Meet the Crafters


My love for creating started at a young age. It began with scrapbooking, then ventured into card making, then launched into a full blown wedding decor craze once I was engaged.


Now that I'm going on my 8th year of marriage to the worlds most supportive husband, and being the mom of 2 beautiful  girls (Annie - 4, & Everlie- 2), I'm constantly inspired by everything I see. I've become my mom, "I could make that", she'd say. I love creating decor pieces for the home, custom T shirts and totes, and thinking outside the box to create one of a kind designs.

Having been a professional makeup artist for 10+ years I have a deep appreciation of color, finding the beauty in everything, and always striving to elevate the artist within.

I believe that great customer service is the key to any successful business. With that said, I welcome all feedback.


Thanks for the taking the time to get to know me better. Having your business would be the biggest compliment & I hope to meet you soon!

 Casey d

A little about myself... I grew up in Kirkland, WA and I am happily married to my amazing Jr. high sweetheart, Robert, of 23 years. We have two incredible little boys, Kayden (8) and Cannon (4). They are very athletic and enjoy playing sports. My husband and I absolutely love being their #1 fans! We have lived in Monroe for about ten years and have enjoyed it very much! We are  very happy here in Monroe and love that it's a growing city with the infectious spirit of a small town! 


With my background in photography and graphic design, I really enjoy getting to be creative by fabricating something new and exciting. It's been so much fun bringing new ideas to life and creating something custom for someone to wear or bring to their upcoming celebrations. I absolutely love getting to be a part of somebody's big day by creating something special. Something they will spotlight in their life for time to come! 


Everybody has something special to spotlight and be proud of! I am proud of my little family and I spotlight our last name on the back of my clothing and on our travel blanket to support our boys while watching their sporting events. But the big question is.... What is your spotlight and how can we help to make your spotlight shine?!